Nice Biotechnology


“Nice Biotechnology”

Wisdom creates beauty -- ingenuity and wisdom

Nancy, founded in 2019, is a professional daily chemical product development company initiated by five senior employees in the cosmetics industry.
Nancy has a wealth of resources in the industry, to organize fragmented technical resources for customers, to provide high-quality product concept planning

Brand technical support, product customization, product development, supply chain management and other services.
Nancy, focus on skin care products, make-up, beauty equipment and tools.

Technical Characteristics


  • Chinese and Western

    中 西 合 璧

    The formula team not only has the technical director of world-famous cosmetics enterprises, but also has two excellent students from Li Huiliang, the first person to research and develop cosmetics in China.  the formula has culture, quality, sense of science and technology and frontier.

  • Globalization

    全 球 化

    The formula team has long-term research on ancient and modern Chinese culture and long-term accumulation of global technological innovation. the formula is featured, modern and rich in categories.


Formulation Designer


  • Formulation DesignerLED fast photoelectric tester
  • Formulation DesignerElectric constant temperature air blast drying box
  • Formulation DesignerLow resistance tester
  • Formulation DesignerTransient fracture tester
  • Formulation DesignerInsulation resistance tester
  • Formulation DesignerPressure tester
  • Formulation DesignerRed phosphorus detector
  • Formulation DesignerSalt fog tester

Business Model


Cooperative Partner